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Sept 5th Homecoming Week
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Tuesday, September 05, 2017
Lots going on at HMS

Hello HMS Family! 

You are receiving a paper copy of our Weekly Newsletter this week because we are really trying to touch base with everyone that is still not receiving our digital newsletter and be sure you are in the loop with all of the great things going on around HMS this year! 

Every week we provide the HMS Community with a general update of some of the major events and happenings around our school.  The newsletter begins with a section written by either myself or Mr. Baker and we then include a portion that touches on announcements from around the school.  As you have hopefully noticed, we really try to make ourselves as available as possible to our community here at HMS and to that end, many of the topics we address in the first section of the newsletter come from questions that we have seen frequently throughout the week as well as concerns that have raised to us directly by the community.  We utilize a consistent format each week, and while I tend to have a bit of an issue with my own rambling excessive use of detail, I do try my best to make it a quick and efficient look at the important things happening in the HMS Community. 

A couple big things I did want to quickly touch on this week.  First off, as students enter the building tomorrow, they will notice that our annual “Staff Baby Picture Fundraiser” activity has begun.  27 staff members have volunteered this year (after we raised over 500 dollars this year) and the staff members that collect the most spare change in their buckets this year, will be made into a “Human Ice Cream Sundae” during the Homecoming Pep Rally on Thursday.  The proceeds from this fundraiser go to support our “Bathroom Revitalization Project” for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bathrooms.  Ms. Green has included more information on this project below. 


This Friday is also going to be a very special day for us at HMS.  We will be hosting a “Texas Themed Pot Luck Luncheon” at HMS that will be provided by members of the HMS Staff.  It will be 5 dollars to eat and we would like to invite everyone in the community to join us on Friday.  Lunch will be available from 11:00-1:00 and we encourage you to come and eat with your child’s grade level teachers during their designated lunch time.  In order to give our teachers some more time to eat and to chat with our visitors, we will be adjusting our lunch schedule slightly that day and will send out the updated schedule by Wednesday.  The students will be researching various charitable organizations related to the Houston Clean-Up throughout the week and will be making the decision as a student body as to where the donations will be sent. 


In addition to the luncheon, we will also be hosting a special Silent Auction that day with again, all proceeds going to benefit the organization chosen by our student body at the end of the week.  We hope you are all able to join us for what will be a very special fundraiser.  While this is going to be an adult event due to our lunch serving requirements, we will be asking our students to also be a part of the event by dressing in their favorite “Texas Attire” throughout the day on Friday.  Please see more below regarding sign-up info for the event.  Please note that we will be unable to receive monetary donations prior to the event and can only accept money to eat on Friday with us or items for the silent auction.   


Very Important Sign-Up Information from our Event Committee 

We are excited to be helping those in need in Texas as they recover from recent events. Links to our Food Donations & Silent Auction items as well as an Online RSVP are available as listed below: 

RSVP for Lunch Please RSVP online if you plan on attending the Texas Lunch. We want to make sure that we have plenty for our guests and manage the event well. The link for this RSVP is: 

Donations Form:  If you will be donating food or items for our silent auction please visit the link below. We request that you make a separate entry for each item or group of items so we can accurately track the amount of food we will have and have an accurate record for our auction items. (Ex. Main Dish, 1 whole brisket OR 1 Gift Basket from HMS) The Online form will guide you through each question. To donate, visit: 

Bullying Information for HMS 

Please know that we take bullying concerns seriously with every single report we receive at HMS.  Even though technically “bullying” is defined as a “pattern of behavior” between individuals, we want to know about EVERY SINGLE BULLYING-LIKE BEHAVIOR in our building.  By operating a system in this manner, we are able to decipher the “patterns” and in turn make appropriate interventions to put a stop to the behavior.  Students can follow the link below at any time to report bullying or may scan the QR Code below with their phones.  We also have paper copies of the reports available in the Guidance Office and any adult at HMS to quickly access this form and help students to complete.  If more immediate intervention is required, remind students to please text 615-829-6072 anytime during the school day. 



Social Media at HMS 

We are trying to continue to be as active as possible with the telling of our “HMS Story” through various social media platforms this year.  While Twitter is our commonly used medium and one that provides more of a day-to-day look inside of the happenings of our building, we also continually update our Facebook and Instagram pages as well throughput the week.   To address what is a very common question I receive:  Don’t worry, everything important you need to know through social media will also be found in our traditional Sunday newsletter.  Many community members have expressed concern that we may over relying on social media usage to disseminate info and that we may not be connecting with everyone.  This is exactly why I can promise you that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are merely compliments to what you will see through our regular communication. 


We have also been encouraging our students to become more actively involved in following us on social media.  One of my major goals this year is to continue to work to help educate our kids in regard to proper social media usage and to continue to show our students how this should be a positive aspect of what they do during their time at HMS.  


To that end, we will continue throughout the year to encourage ALL of our students to utilize social media in conjunction with the supervision and direct permission of their parents and guardians at all times outside of school and their teachers while in school.  For our younger students under 13, we also work to encourage them to not create and utilize social media accounts independently and to utilize social media only in direct conjunction/sharing with their parents and guardians at home and their teachers in school.   This is why when we conduct our Twitter Challenge activities with our students, they will only be completed with our 8th grade students throughout the year.  We again have so many great things being shared across our school through these platforms and hope to interact with as many of you as possible!  Please join at the links listed below and be a part of our growing social media community here at Harpeth Middle School! 



Twitter:  @HMSIndians 

Instagram:  harpethmiddleschool 


MS School-Wide Discipline Plan - "Strikes" 

We have implemented a "strike" system to encourage positive behaviors and to discourage minor disruptions/behaviors at Harpeth Middle School.  Students may earn a "strike" from any faculty/staff member for exhibiting minor behaviors (ex: talking when told not to, running in hall, horse playing, unprepared for class, etc.).  Once a student reaches three strikes, a parent contact is made in attempt to work together as a team to remedy the issues.  At four strikes, the student must serve 30 minutes in Lunch ISS.  Beginning with strike five, students are assigned In-School-Suspension.  Strikes are "reset" back to zero every two weeks.  Most importantly, through this system, we are able to identify the students who continually do as expected, and reward them appropriately.  Throughout the year, we will host several "Positive Behavior" events for the students who go above and beyond.    ~Adrian Baker 


Some Other News From Around HMS 

Bathroom Makeover:  We are SO excited about the bathroom renovations that will soon take place in the 6th and 8th grade hallways. All four bathrooms (girls and boys) are about to get a makeover, including fresh paint on all the walls, artwork, and inspirational quotes. We are very excited to do this for our students to show and tell them how wonderful and important they are. Parent volunteers are needed to pull this together. If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Renee Miller at Renee is the mother to one of our 7th grade students and has volunteered to head up this renovation. I know she would love to hear from you.  Our paint is being provided by our awesome Central Office Maintenance staff, but our Baby Picture Fundraiser this week will go towards raising money for the remainder of the project items!      ~Dawn Green 


Homecoming Week at HMS 

Don't forget this week is homecoming week! 

Tuesday-PJ/baby day 

Wednesday- Decades Day 5th (50's), 6th (20's), 7th (90's), & 8th (80's). 

Thursday- Spirit Day (dress in school colors) 


Thursday September 7th 

*Pep rally 2:00-2:45 

*Homecoming Dance for all grades 3:00-5:00 (tickets will be sold before school and at the door) 

*JV football game 5:00 

*8th grade recognition for football players and cheerleaders before the varsity game. 

*Varsity game 6:30 

*Homecoming court and crowning of Queen and King during Half-time 


Congratulations to the students nominated by their peers for homecoming Court. 


5th grade: Ella Edwards and Jordan Johnston 

6th grade: Sophie Hooper and Hayden Penrod 

7th grade: Reagan Sharbeano and Logan Johnston 

8th grade: (will be eligible for Queen and King) 

Xochil Andrade, Avery Hickerson, Carleigh Minnis, Elyssa Sparks, & Harper Tolle 

Devon Bornstein, Cooper Edwards, Ellis Hurt, Dylan Nash & Keller Romberg. 


~Taylor Hummell and Deidrah Edwards 


HMS Library Happenings! 

We have a lot of exciting things happening in the HMS Library this year! We kicked off the year with a twilight Pokémon hunt in the library. Ask your fifth or sixth grader about it! We will continue to promote literacy this year as we focus on steering students toward reading more nonfiction books. Also, this year I am collaborating with fifth and sixth grade ELA teachers to help students become stronger, more confident writers. I will be reintroducing MELCON, a county-wide writing program that was originally initiated in the elementary school. As the year progresses, I will be working with seventh and eighth graders on their research/writing skills. 


I am looking forward to a year full of reading and writing!     ~Karen Carlton 


General Music Donation Drive 

The HMS music department is currently seeking instrument donations for general music class. The goal is for every student to learn the basic chords on some of the instruments commonly seen in the Nashville music scene. There is a strong need for acoustic or classical guitars, ukuleles, and digital piano keyboards or bell kits.  HMS is currently borrowing guitars from KSES and PES, so students currently enrolled in music get to enjoy learning the basics of playing the instrument. However, these need to be returned soon. Therefore, donation items that are in reasonable working condition can be brought to the school starting immediately.  Please email with any questions.            ~Lindsay Greece 


RTI 2017-2018 

We are currently testing our students for RTI placement. We hope to finish testing this week and have students placed by next week. If you have any questions please contact Aimee White at 



Cheatham Achievers at HMS 

Cheatham Achievers is an after school program that is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Center. The program is academic enrichment, intervention, and homework help, along with health and wellness.  


Cheatham Achievers is free of charge. We meet daily beginning at the end of September from 3:00-5:30 when school is in session. If school is closed, there is no Cheatham Achievers. Bus transportation is available in most areas if needed. Cheatham Achievers is open to all students 5th-8th 


For more information or to answer any question about Cheatham Achievers at HMS, contact Jennifer Cauthen at 


This is again just a small sampling of what our Newsletter looks like every Sunday afternoon.  If you aren’t receiving our updates, please email asap and let us know of all the addresses you would like added.  If you don’t receive the newsletter by 6:00pm next Sunday, please follow up with an email to me directly at!  Thanks so much! 



Direct Text Number:  615-829-6072  (available 7:45am-4:00pm) 

Address to Sign-Up for Newsletter: 


Twitter:  @HMSIndians 

Instagram:  harpethmiddleschool 



Have a wonderful week everyone!! 


Ryan Philipp 

Principal, Harpeth Middle School 

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