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Fundraiser Update!
Posted On:
Thursday, November 02, 2017
Lots of Prizes and Info

Hello HMS Parents:


We do want to thank you so much for the support shown thus far with the Fall Fundraiser.  This is our absolute biggest fundraising effort of the year and it goes to support so much of what we do as a school throughout the year.  Your students should have brought home the catalogs we are selling that include dozens of food and other items.  

You can also go to our online store  to purchase items that also directly benefit us and that count towards the prizes being given away

Go to: Enter ID: 4234704

Some of the areas this fundraiser will go to support:  Safety Upgrades, Major Equipment purchases for the school, Positive Behavior Events, Teacher Supplies and Materials, and so many other things


I realize the timing is frustrating for some, with KSES just finishing up cookie dough and the fundraising info coming up almost simultaneously with the letter for 17-18 class fees, and we really apologize for the timing.  We are in a very tight time situation, though, because while we completely understand the other financial requests going on, we do really want to stay away from fundraising during the holiday season.  I can't thank you enough for your understanding and I assure you I will continue to do my best to work with KSES and PES to avoid conflicts when at all possible in the future.


Fundraising Order Forms are due November 8th and can be brought in to home room teachers.  Checks should be made out to HMS or Harpeth Middle School


We've reminded the students several times, but just a reminder that we are not selling the water bottles in the catalog, but are selling the tumblers.


A Reminder of the Prizes

-Cash Prizes for the top sellers in each grade

-All-Day Inflatable, Technology, and Video Game Fun Day if school sells 1200 items

-All day pass to the Inflatable, Technology, and Video Game Day for all students that sell any 10 items

-Myself and Mr. Baker spend a cold winter night on the roof if the school sells 1500 items

-The two top selling grades also will send a teacher representative to sleep on the rood

-Plus dozens of available prizes from the Fundraising Company


Thank you so much for your support and let me know if you have any questions!


Ryan Philipp

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