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Social Media Training
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Monday, December 04, 2017

Hello again everyone!!

I wanted to give a huge shout out to the HMS Chorus and our Chorus Director, Ms. Lindsay Greece, for a phenomenal week of performances. Tuesday evening saw a massive community turnout for their first official Winter Concert and they followed that up with great showings at the Kingston Springs Tree Lighting Ceremony on Thursday and the Cheatham County Mayor’s Open House on Saturday evening. I can’t thank Ms. Greece, all the chorus members, the various other faculty supporters, and all of the parents for allowing this great organization to become such a big success already in their relatively short time together!

I wanted to thank everyone that provided such a huge support to our school with our recent fall fundraiser. We sold a total of 1,589 items in the fundraiser and will be able to utilize the profits in so many exciting ways across our school. We will be hosting our in-school Reward Inflatable Day on December 18th and Mr. Baker, myself, Ms. Hummell, and the entire 6th grade team will be spending a nice cold evening on the roof the night of December 19th as a result of us achieving our goal of 1500 items sold for the fundraiser. Thank you again so much for all for the support!

Please do all that you can to get students to school for as much of the school day as possible when appointments come up. We understand that doctor’s appointments and other conflicts do come up from time to time, but we really want to see your students in school as much as possible even on those days. Scheduling appointments for very early in the morning (with students then still getting the majority of the day at school) or later in the afternoon (so they can be at school as late as possible) is something we really really encourage. The mid-day appointments really end up causing a bunch of our students to have to miss entire days of school and we again, want your students to be with us at HMS as much as possible on these days.

Just a reminder that we will be hosting a special End of the Semester program on December 22nd from 8:30-10:00ish. Our cheerleaders, band, and chorus will all be performing on this day and we would like to invite all of our community to come join us. The band and chorus will also be traveling to PES (9:30) and KSES (1:30) on the 20th for a special elementary school tour!

Thank you so much to all the parents that joined us on this past Tuesday night for the Parent Policy Discussion. Please don’t forget to email if you would like to volunteer for any of the opportunities we discussed!

We will be hosting special meetings/training sessions regarding Social Media and Online Use for all of our students this week. Myself, Mr. Baker, the counselors, and our SRO, Officer Chapman, will be meeting with every student in the school for these sessions. Even though we strongly emphasize the idea with all of our students that Social Media Usage should not begin until a student turns 13 (and even then with direct parental permission and oversight), we feel it very important to help educate our students in regard to many of the important issues facing school-aged students around the world with the internet today. These sessions will discuss a variety of important topics, but will especially focus on the positive aspects that these tools can bring to our students going forward.

Tutoring This Week at HMS

ELA Tutoring with Ms. Pyrdum: Wednesday

Math Tutoring with Ms. Crummer: Monday-Wednesday

Science Tutoring with Ms. Mueller: Wednesday

No Math Tutoring with Ms. Williams this week


Just a reminder that by visiting https://cheathamcountyschools. you can now pay the $55 Harpeth Middle School Class Fees for the 2017-2018 school year.


HMS Contact List (updated as of 12-3) Cheatham Achievers: or 5th Grade General Questions: 6th Grade General Questions: 7th Grade General Questions: 8th Grade General Questions:

School Maintenance Concerns: Yearbook Questions: or Lisa. Cafeteria Questions: Athletics Questions: Counseling and Skyward Questions: or

Nurse/Medical Questions: Library Questions: Attendance Questions: School Finance Questions: SRO Questions: Website Questions: Math Tutoring: or English Tutoring: Science Tutoring: Art After Hours: or Chorus Questions: Band Questions:

Cooking Club:


News from Around HMS

From Ms. Roberts: Cooking club will meet on Monday from 3 to 5. Please make sure your child is picked up at 5.


From Ms. Greece: I’m so proud of the performances chorus members have done thus far. Tuesday is the anthem at 6:00 and Saturday is Pegram at 6:00. Report times are 5:30-5:45 for both. No performances are scheduled for the following week. We will also sing the anthem on Tuesday 12/19 at 6:00. All other performances are during the school day! From Ms. Willoughby: Please email all candid photos you have to or for the yearbook. We need all those before we leave for the break! From Ms. Parker: Yearbooks are still for sale; either in school or online at ! Selling for $35.00.

From Ms. Austin: The kindness challenge this week is to pick up any trash we see and throw it away. We improve our environment and we can help Mr. Jerry too!

Final Things

I just wanted to remind everyone that our Student Handbook is available for review at our school website ( anytime. I have also attached a copy to this email and am happy to provide a paper copy if you ever need one. Please just shoot me an email back and I will get it sent home with your student.

Administrative Text Number for Safety, Bullying, and Questions: (615) 829-6072

Online Bully Report Forms:



Twitter: @HMSIndians

Instagram: harpethmiddleschool


Thanks so much everyone and have a fantastic week!


Ryan Philipp

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