Week of Jan 9th
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Monday, January 08, 2018

Hello HMS Parents!!

Welcome back to Semester 2 at HMS!! We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday morning for the start of what will be a fantastic 2nd Semester here at HMS! 

2nd Semester is a jam packed time for us at HMS with things going constantly and a constant stream of information (especially as we get towards the end of the semester). If you still know of anyone that doesn’t get these updates, please either reply to this email or have them send a message to harpethmiddleschool@gmail.com with their email address and the grade level of their student.

Please do all that you can to get students to school for as much of the school day as possible when appointments come up. We understand that doctor’s appointments and other conflicts do come up from time to time, but we really want to see your students in school as much as possible even on those days. Scheduling appointments for very early in the morning (with students then still getting the majority of the day at school) or later in the afternoon (so they can be at school as late as possible) is something we really really encourage. The mid-day appointments really end up causing a number of our students to have to miss entire days of school and we again, want your students to be with us at HMS as much as possible on these days.

Lunch Scan Cards - We have been using scan cards this year to expedite the lunch line in order for students to have more time to eat lunch. Students were given scan cards in August, and many students have lost their cards, causing the school to re-print and re-distribute several times. Starting this week, students will be held more accountable for keeping up with their scan cards. Students will be getting a more permanent solution on January 9 (lanyard with large clear badge holder) provided by the school. Students will be expected to present their cards each time they go through the lunch and breakfast lines. For students who habitually forget or lose their card/lanyards, strikes will be entered into our school-wide behavior system. As a reminder, strikes are essentially "warnings" until a multiple strikes are accumulated.

HMS Contact List (updated as of 1-7) Cheatham Achievers: Marianne.Waddell@ccstn.org or Karen.Carlton@ccstn.org 5th Grade General Questions: Brittney.Burgess@ccstn.org 6th Grade General Questions: Jennifer.Roberts@ccstn.org 7th Grade General Questions: Melanie.Buchanan@ccstn.org 8th Grade General Questions: Julie.Pyrdum@ccstn.org

Related Arts General Questions: Chris.Cooper@ccstn.org

School Maintenance Concerns: Adrian.Baker@ccstn.org Yearbook Questions: Karley.Parker@ccstn.org or Lisa. Willoughby@ccstn.org Cafeteria Questions: Amber.Hrobak@ccstn.org Athletics Questions: Devin.Allen@ccstn.org Counseling and Skyward Questions: Maria.Bobo@ccstn.org or Brittain.West@ccstn.org

Nurse/Medical Questions: Casey.Ealy@ccstn.org Library Questions: Karen.Carlton@ccstn.org Attendance Questions: Kathy.Miller@ccstn.org School Finance Questions: Cindy.Wells@ccstn.org SRO Questions: Allie.Chapman@ccstn.org Website Questions: Dave.Parks@ccstn.org Math Tutoring: Margie.Crummer@ccstn.org or April.Williams@ccstn.org English Tutoring: Julie.Pyrdum@ccstn.org Science Tutoring: Allison.Mueller@ccstn.org Art After Hours: Allison.Johnson@ccstn.org or Brittney.Burgess@ccstn.org Chorus Questions: Lindsay.Greece@ccstn.org Band Questions: Chris.Cooper@ccstn.org

Cooking Club: Jennifer.Roberts@ccstn.org


News from Around HMS


2018/19 Cheer Squad Try Outs and Mandatory Parent Meeting

If your child is interested in trying out for the 2018/19 Cheer Squad please make sure that you attend the upcoming mandatory cheer meeting on Tuesday, Jan 9th at 5:30pm in Mrs. Hummell's classroom, #9 in the 7th grade hallway. You will receive important information about fees, practices, camp, etc. All athletes MUST have a parent or guardian present at this meeting in order to try out for the team. Try outs are open to all current 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hummell at taylor.hummell@ccstn.org.


ELA Tutoring is Wednesday from 3-4


Yearbooks are still for sale! $35. May purchase in school or online at yearbookforever.com The price will go up to $40 soon!


New Request for S2: Please do not call school to retrieve your child's make-up work with less than 24 hours notice. It is very difficult for your child's teachers to gather these assignments in a short amount of time. If your child will be absent for more than three days, you may request that assignments be gathered and left in the office but please allow at least 24 hours for this to happen.


Direct Text Number: 615-829-6072 (available 7:45am-4:00pm)

Address to Sign-Up for Newsletter: harpethmiddleschool@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/HMSIndians

Twitter: @HMSIndians

Instagram: harpethmiddleschool Counseling Website: https://harpethcounseling.wixsite.com/hmscounseling

Online Bully Report Forms: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=qmF0dn9znEScCOpe_cPQu_hGD37XFLdBkepfx1wzBllURFM2NkVBMTRUUVlOSjVDOFNXN0ZHMjcxMC4u


Thanks so much everyone and have a great week!

Ryan Philipp

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