Update for March 5
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Monday, March 05, 2018

Hello again everyone:

I want to thank many members of our community for their support this past week as we held a number of important events, meetings, trainings, etc. related to school safety. On Wednesday of last week, in particular, we hosted a two-hour safety team meeting with the regular members of our school safety team, in addition to about a dozen community members that were invited by the parent representative on our team. We were able to have an extremely candid and real discussion about safety issues in and around our school and community and the continuing evolution of our school safety plan will be benefited a great deal by many of the topics and ideas we discussed. We also met with every HMS Student this past Friday to present a unified plan for safety that was presented by SRO’s across the district, in addition to a presentation on HMS specifically that highlighted many of our specific procedures and polices that we practice every day. Our commitment to maintaining a safe, consistent, and up-to-date safety plan for all of the members of the HMS Community is the absolute most important thing we do as a school and we will continue to invite you all to help in the facilitation of this process. Just a reminder regarding the new district-wide Safety Tip line that can be reached at tip@ccstn.org. This hotline is monitored by Central Office Staff, our Tech Department, and officials from the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department. We still maintain our own internal tip text number at 615-829-6072 that students and parents may utilize for safety, bullying concerns, school questions, etc., but a reminder that this number is only monitored between 7:15 and 4:00pm. Any other tips that need to be made should be sent to the official county tip line at tip@ccstn.org

If you haven’t had the chance to do so, please complete our HMS Safety survey at the following location whenever you get a chance:


Please do us a favor and complete the following survey for our school counselors when you get a chance https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=qmF0dn9znEScCOpe_cPQu5LH-KeVrj1Ctcd4tYsfr3dUM1hTWjFGTjdVSkFNOU1UUTRJNjBLVlRLRS4u

8tyh Grade Parents: Please don’t forget about Freshman Orientation that will be taking place this Tuesday night at 6:30pm in the HHS Theater!! Also, please be sure your calendars are marked for the 23rd of May for our Graduation Ceremony at 8:30am at HMS! I will have information just after spring break regarding the submission process for the 8th grade slideshow that will be shown at the conclusion of graduation that morning.

Just an announcement for everyone that we have officially set our Olympic Day for 2018 for Tuesday May 15th. Once again, the HHS National Honors Society will be coming over to coordinate this event for our students and can’t thank them enough for all of the amazing work they put into this great event!

Tutoring Schedule for this Week

Math Tutoring with Ms. Crummer: Tuesday

**Tutoring is open to students in grades 5-8 and takes place in the 8th grade hallway

**Tutoring ends at 4:00 each day and students need to be picked up at this time

HMS Contact List (updated as of 3-4) Cheatham Achievers: Marianne.Waddell@ccstn.org or Karen.Carlton@ccstn.org 5th Grade General Questions: Brittney.Burgess@ccstn.org 6th Grade General Questions: Jennifer.Roberts@ccstn.org 7th Grade General Questions: Melanie.Buchanan@ccstn.org 8th Grade General Questions: Julie.Pyrdum@ccstn.org

Related Arts General Questions: Chris.Cooper@ccstn.org

School Maintenance Concerns: Adrian.Baker@ccstn.org Yearbook Questions: Karley.Parker@ccstn.org or Lisa. Willoughby@ccstn.org Cafeteria Questions: Amber.Hrobak@ccstn.org Athletics Questions: Devin.Allen@ccstn.org Counseling and Skyward Questions: Maria.Bobo@ccstn.org or Brittain.West@ccstn.org

Nurse/Medical Questions: Casey.Ealy@ccstn.org Library Questions: Karen.Carlton@ccstn.org

Questions regarding 1/1 Computers in 7th/8th: Karen.Carlton@ccstn.org Attendance Questions: Kathy.Miller@ccstn.org School Finance Questions: Cindy.Wells@ccstn.org SRO Questions: Allie.Chapman@ccstn.org Website Questions: Dave.Parks@ccstn.org Math Tutoring: Margie.Crummer@ccstn.org or April.Williams@ccstn.org English Tutoring: Julie.Pyrdum@ccstn.org Science Tutoring: Allison.Mueller@ccstn.org Art After Hours: Allison.Johnson@ccstn.org or Brittney.Burgess@ccstn.org Chorus Questions: Lindsay.Greece@ccstn.org Band Questions: Chris.Cooper@ccstn.org Cooking Club: Jennifer.Roberts@ccstn.org

Archery Club Questions: Gary.Morrison@ccstn.org


Other News From Around HMS

From Ms. Roberts: Cooking club will meet tomorrow from 3 to 5.

From School Counselors: Yoga starts up again this week. Please be sure and get in permission forms so that your student can participate. A reminder that only one permission form is needed for the entire year to participate any week

From Ms. Austin: All art students need a composition book for art class.

From Ms. Edwards: Life Skills and Koda Club (members who have brought back permission slips) are going to Harpeth High School this Thursday, March 8th at 1:45 to sit in the VIP section of the gym and watch a basketball game featuring the HHS Unified Special Olympics basketball team and the HHS boys’ basketball team. Students attending will get on buses to go home at the high school or ride a bus back to HMS for after-school activities. If your child is a car rider, please plan on picking your child up behind the high school.




Important Reminders

Direct Text Number for Bullying/Safety Concerns or General Questions: 615-829-6072 (available 7:15am-4:00pm)

Address to Sign-Up for Newsletter: harpethmiddleschool@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/HMSIndians

Twitter: @HMSIndians

Instagram: harpethmiddleschool Counseling Website: https://harpethcounseling.wixsite.com/hmscounseling

CCSD Safety Tip Line: Tip@ccstn.org


Online Bully Report Forms: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=qmF0dn9znEScCOpe_cPQu_hGD37XFLdBkepfx1wzBllURFM2NkVBMTRUUVlOSjVDOFNXN0ZHMjcxMC4u


Spring Semester Calendar

March 6th: 6:30pm, Freshmen Orientation at HHS Theater

March 12th-March 15th: 8th Grade Scheduling for HHS

March 23rd: 2nd and Final Positive Behavior Event for 2017-2018

March 26th-31st: Spring Break

April 23rd: My So Called Chorus Concert @6:30pm

May 4th: County-Wide Special Olympics @HMS

May 14th: HHS Senior Walk through HMS

May 15th: HMS Olympic Day

May 16th and 17th: Be in Charge Program @HMS

May 23th: 8th Grade Graduation @8:30am


Thanks everyone and have an awesome week!

Ryan Philipp

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