Assignments And Grades

Hello HMS Parents:
Entering the 2018-2019 school year we began implementing many of the core principles of Standards Based Grading at Harpeth Middle School as we work as a county to make a full move to SBG within the next two school years.  While we are “easing” into the full SBG model, below are the core guiding principles we agreed to as a district for the 2018-2019 school year at all schools.
1.       Everything graded is to be attached to a standard.
2.       Zeros may be entered as a place holder but will be overridden to a 60 at the end of a quarter, except for the final quarter.
3.       Retake opportunities will be given for up to 2 weeks after a grading period has ended, excluding 4thquarter. Retakes will not be given for mid-term and final exams. A written contract will be filled out by the student requesting a retake. This contract will include intentions for study, requirements by teacher and must be signed by student, teacher and parent. The higher grade will replace the lower grade made on the prior assessment. The retake will be an alternate model for the original assessment.
4.       Each teacher will enter a minimum of 2 grades per week unless a comparable plan has been arranged with school administration and communicated to parents.  These grades must be entered by midnight of Sunday for the previous week.
5.       Homework and participation (group work setting) can only count up to 10% of final grade.
Some teachers across the district also began the trial implementation of a “Range Based Grading Model” in which grades that fell within a certain range were raised to a set number that represented the level of mastery for the student on a 1-4 scale similar to that of the TN Ready Testing Model included below
On Track
This could mean that a student may score an 83 on a quiz, for example, but actually receive a score of 85 in the gradebook due to the range system.  At this time, we as a district have decided to move away from the implementation of all range based grading models and return to a traditional model that places the actual grade earned into the gradebook at ALL times.  I will stress that the range system was being implemented on a small scale basis in our county for trial purposes, but all use of this system has now been eliminated for this year.  All other Year 1 steps pertaining to the transition to Standards Based Grading, though, will remain as we make the move to a full implementation of SBG in the CCSD.  Thank you very much and please contact me if you have any questions.
Ryan Philipp and Adrian Baker