Update for Week Of Nov. 19

Hello again everyone!


We don’t have a formal update for this week, but just a couple quick things.


Just a reminder that we have two incredibly exciting days happening on Monday and Tuesday of this week at HMS!  Our “Teacher Super Power Days” will be a showcase of the talents, creativity, and ingenuity of the amazing staff of HMS.  Across all grade levels and related arts classes, teachers will be engaging students in some incredible outside the box learning experiences that will help create two of the best academic days our students will experience all year!  Keep an eye on social media and next Sunday’s update for some of the highlights of these days and be sure to check in with your students to hear all about some of their experiences.  5th and 8th grade will be participating tomorrow and 6th and 7th on Tuesday.


If you had any issues whatsoever with your fundraiser order, please be sure and fill out this information sheet asap.  Thanks so much!