Additional Online Resources

Here are some additional fun ways to learn together as a family!
This website has lists of virtual field trips, zoos, aquariums, and more that allow you to explore beyond your doorstep without leaving the house!
The classic 1990s game is available to play online. Can you successfully reach Oregon before winter sets in?
Find free games to play across grade levels and subjects. Also great for younger kids!
Not just for bedtime, these math activities can be enjoyed by the whole family. This site has games and activities for kids of all ages!
Learn to play chess, or hone your skills! Kids can play against the computer or even other students.
Fun, interactive games to play that involve music. 
Students can have fun playing games that teach them how to code.
This site has a TON of video tutorials to draw all sorts of fun pictures. Great for kids of all ages!
(More to be added!)